ADP is a family company specialized in supplying railway application components. We supply components for railways in Slovenia and other countries on the Balkan peninsula.

But we don’t just supply components for railways, we also sell integrative solutions, including completely new motors, air conditioning installations, wagon refurbishing etc. We represent various companies in our sector, offering high-quality products and the latest solutions.


Drago Adamič started this business at the beginning of 1990’s. As a mechanical engineer he saw an opportunity to supply Slovenian railways with parts for diesel motors. He started to supply parts for FIAT motors, and ADP still specializes in that department. But we of course did not stop there. In the following years we became sales agents for other suppliers and extended the business to other countries of former Yugoslavia. When Drago Adamič retired, Gregor Adamič took his place at the wheel of the company.


We in ADP have a history, we have a present and we certainly have a future. The goal is clear. Offer the best components in the industry. We also aim to consolidate our activity in other countries on the Balkan peninsula.